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Space Norway

MicroSAR Posters and Profile

Created for Space Norway, 2023. Used to convey the purpose and function of the MicroSAR Satellites; A constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites used for detecting ships in the high north.

European Space Agency

ICING Brochures & Graphics

In 2020, as a part of the ESA NAVISP program, Space Norway researched whether the VDE-SAT frequency band could be used for navigational purposes. The program was successfully completed in 2024, and illustration brochures were made as a final delivery to ESA for communication purposes.


Logo, identity, graphical design

NASA HUNCH Norway brings the successful U.S. educational program to Europe, and allows Norwegian students to build and launch spaceflight hardware to the ISS. FPA was contacted to create the full profile and logo for the program.

A5 handouts / leaflets for stand

Brosjyrene ble levert på dagen etter vi trengte de til stand på Kongsberg Agenda. Jeg syntes de ble veldig fine, og de ble revet fort vekk på stand.

– Jarle Steinberg, CTO, NASA HUNCH Norge

Orbit NTNU

Mission Patches & Posters

Orbit NTNU is widely known as one of the leading student satellite organisations in the world. FPA has created mission patches and profiles for all missions, where one is in space and two others launching in 2024.

“Steike fornøyd med han Ulrik”

– Freider Fløan, Program Director, Orbit NTNU

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

HYPSO-2 Mission Patch

In 2024, the HYPSO-2 satellite will launch with a SpaceX transporter mission, in order to utilize a hyper-spectral camera to do imaging of the oceans. The satellite will also pack a state-of-the-art SDR radio, able to do on-orbit interference measurements as well as serve as a platform for experimental communications for Arctic purposes.

Launch Norway

Logo, Identity & Profile

Launch Norway is a non-profit organisation aiming to establish Norway as a go-to centre for spaceflight activites in Europe. The current profile aims to convey Norway and Andøya as a modern, open, and including site for launch activities.

24/7 live stream dynamic overlay

Graphical profile & identity

Infographics for rocket statistics

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